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Cannon Beach Breaks Ground in Mesa

Melissa Larsen

Cannon Beach, a 37-acre surf, shop, gym and multi-use development project, has broken ground in Mesa. The first attractions of the fun-time oasis, from Cannon Beach Developers, are slated to open in May 2022.

Located at the cross streets of Power and Warner Roads in Mesa, the Cannon Beach project will bring the ocean to the East Valley. Revel Surf will anchor the development with a 3.3-acre surf lagoon that caters to all skill levels and features the world’s first Swell MFG’s Traveling Surf Technology and UNIT Surf Pool’s Stationary Rapid Surf Technology, in one location. This combo creates a more natural surfing lineup with a peak wave rather than a right-session-only or left-session-only option as found in many wave pools. This new technology and layout has gained the attention of the professional surf community.

Listen to Shane Beschen’s Beyond the Ocean Podcast where he discusses the revolutionary surf technology that will anchor Cannon Beach.

Even if you don’t plan on hitting the waves, there will be plenty for all ages to enjoy at Cannon Beach, from specialty dining to fish tacos on the beach, a day spa and gym to a splash pad for kids. Cannon Beach is also expected to be home to an on-site hotel, retail, office and more, which will follow the opening of Revel Surf in 2022.