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Chris Klein

Arizona wave pool developers Swell MFG announced this week that the local council approved their upcoming project in Mesa, Arizona.

In an online post, the company confirmed that its first full-size wave pool and Revel Surf Park will be located within the Cannon Beach lifestyle destination venue. The development in the East Valley of Phoenix has a work, surf, eat, stay, and entertainment focus under a heavy surf culture influence.

“The City of Mesa unanimously approved our development,” Matt Gunn of Swell MFG said. “We’re now fully live with Shane Beschen and it’s public which is fantastic.”

Brand ambassador and WavePoolMag Podcast guest Shane Beschen made the announcement via Instagram.

“I have been waiting a long time to announce this incredible project with my partners Swell MFG, Matt Gunn, John Bushey and our forward-thinking development partner Cole Cannon. The land plan for the project has been approved, we are funded and we now have the official green light.”

What will the surf be like at the Mesa Arizona wave pool? The company describes their system as a natural surfing lineup with a peak wave rather than a right-session-only or left-session-only option as found in many of today’s wave pools.

“Peak waves provide some of the most fun waves at Swell MFG locations,” said Swell MFG. “Options to surf left and right to hone in frontside and backside skills and choice of take-off spot allowing deep drop in’s when wanting to challenge one’s skills.”

SwellMFG adds that clients will be able to create customized sessions and make a surfing “playlist” by adding different types of waves to their sessions.


Illustration by Tiger Hayes