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Surf’s up Mesa! Entertainment District breaks ground this month

Surf’s up Mesa! A 37-acre surf, shop, gym and multi-use development project is set to break ground on Tuesday, March 30 at 11 a.m. The surf oasis is being made possible by Cannon Beach Developers and is located at the cross streets of Power and Warner roads in Mesa. The project, two and a half years in design and development, will bring the ocean to Arizona in a place unlike any other in the state.

“We hope Cannon Beach will bring out the best in its patrons by challenging them to join, or at least be inspired by, new activities,” said Cole Cannon, lead developer at Cannon Beach.

Revel Surf will anchor the development with a 3.3-acre surf lagoon that features the world’s first Swell MFG’s Traveling Surf Technology and UNIT Surf Pool’s Stationary Rapid Surf Technology, in one location. This unique combination will create a more natural surfing lineup with a peak wave rather than a right-session-only or left-session-only option as found in many of today’s wave pools.

“The Swell MFG will create peak waves and provide some of the most epic and diverse wave sets for every level of surfer,” said Matt Gunn, co-founder of Swell MFG. “We look forward to welcoming every level of surfer to enjoy this surf lagoon.”

This new technology and layout has gained the attention of the professional surf community due to its ability to cater to all skill levels.

“Our wave technology and vision for this project will be like nothing you have seen in the market to date and I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible project and team,” said Shane Beschen, former pro surfer and X Games gold medalist.

“Combining Swell MFG’s state-of-the-art traveling waves with the best stationary rapid surfing wave on the market by UNIT Surf Pool is going to make this surf park the most highly sought-after surf destination in the U.S.,” said Tony Finn of UNIT Surf Pool and wakeboard creator. “Together you have the perfect surfing experience for people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. There has never been a better opportunity for surf lessons and technical progression than there will be here.”

The development is geared toward the growing population settling in the east Valley. With a burgeoning influx of California surfers, young and old that have relocated to Arizona and yearn for the beach, as well first timers who want to venture into the world of surfing. Whether you are a spectator or participant there is something for everyone at Cannon Beach — specialty dining, fish tacos on the beach, day spa, gym, splash pad for kids, and overall good vibes.

The Cannon Beach development design team includes talent from Hawaii to Germany. The land planning project was developed in consultation with Arizona locals EPS Group, H20 Design, and Adaptive Architects.

Revel Surf plans to open May 2022, with the surrounding amenities to follow including an on-sight hotel, retail, office, dining and more. The Cannon Beach development ground is currently entertaining proposals from potential tenants for its various pad locations.